Friday, January 13, 2012

365.... A portrait a day....

I'm trying to take one picture a day of my daughter for this 2012 year.  I started a little late, but I'll make it up and keep it up to 365 images this year.  I know that I'll run into the same post, but will try to be creative ;-)
So, here is the first two weeks warm up :-)
 001:  Maymont Park
 002: Early Morning in Her Own Bed :-)
 003: Breakfast
 004: Play Time
 005: in the kitchen
 006:  I don't want to take pictures anymore!
 007: In the closet
 008: Sleeping beauty
 009: Sleep beauty 2!
 010: Get ready to go to...
 011: After bath
 012: with toys
013: with fan :-)

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